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Frequently Asked Questions

2) What will the audition involve?

Students will be interviewed by the fine arts teacher(s) during their audition.

Band and Strings students are asked to bring their instrument and two contrasting pieces of music that will showcase their talent. (A keyboard is available, but please let Byng Arts know if you need a drum set.) Then they will be asked to sight read a piece selected by the teacher. Students play one at a time in front of a group of 20 or so students. (Remember seats are available for instruments that we need in our assemblies: we have very limited spaces for piano, drums and guitar). See the following link for more details:href="Byng Arts Info Night (Strings).htm"> STRINGS INFO

For Choir, applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces of music and be prepared to respond to requests from the evaluator (tests of pitch, tone etc). They are asked to bring their music and whatever form of accompaniment they require (recorded music, pianist, etc.). A keyboard is available in the room. See the following link for more details: href="Byng Arts Info Night (Choir).htm"> CHOIR INFO.

Drama students will be given a scenario to create and perform with a group of fellow applicants. As well, there will be an improvisation component to the audition. The teachers are looking for confident, cooperative yet assertive, flexible students who will do their best to highlight their personal talents in a group situation. All students practice and perform in the presence of other auditioning students.

Media Art applicants will need to demonstrate their ability to tell stories visually, so for students interested in Media Arts, a short demo reel of 3 to 10 minutes should be submitted with the application package. On audition day, each applicant will be interviewed by the Media Arts Instructor and the submitted demo reel will be “screened” and reviewed as part of this interview.

Visual Arts students will use watercolours and pastels to produce a still life painting. The visual arts teachers encourage students to use the technique of resist within their work. We are looking for how the students observe and make sense of the presented still life. Drawing skills, use of the page and understanding of colour are all aspects to pay attention to. Both mark making and painting techniques contribute to a strong final piece, however, creativity and expression are also important in the creation of a successful response. All auditioning students work in a classroom atmosphere. Work done on audition day, together with the artwork submitted with the application package, will form the applicants art portfolio.

Literary Arts students (for current Grades 8 to 11) will be asked to respond to a specific writing prompt and provide a 45 minute writing sample on Audition Day. They will have already submitted additional writing samples with their applications that will be reviewed as well.

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