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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Where may I pick up the application package?

2) How can I find out more about the program?

3) How is the process different between those applying for Grade 8 and those applying for other grades?

4) When is the deadline?

5) Do I need to do anything else besides fill out the information in the application package?

6) For the online application why do I need to enter the application package number from the envelope?

7) Why do I have to register online?

8) Oops! After reading all the FAQs, I would like to change the online portion of the application. Is this possible?

9) My report card won't be ready by the deadline, what should I do?

10) Why can't visual arts applicants submit more than three pieces of art work?

11) Will you accept video tapes or CDs?

12) Iíve heard that you have a Literary Arts Option, is this true for students coming into Grade 8?

13) Do I need to complete the 'green' application form?

14) Is my online registration for Byng Arts the same as the online registration for the District Placement Test?