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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What Fine Art areas make up the Byng Arts program?

2) I love art and drama, can I enroll in more than one area?

3) Can a student go through the Byng Arts Program and still end up with the academic requirements for entrance to post secondary science and humanities programs?

4) How do Byng Arts students perform academically?

5) How do Byng Arts students compare to other mini-schools academically?

6) How do you fit in the Fine Arts courses and post-secondary course requirements?

7) Is there a cost to the program?

8) Do Byng Arts students attend separate classes?

9) What is the schedule of classes? (start and finish times)

10) I am more interested in taking Spanish than French. Do opportunities exist to take it before Grade 10 instead of French?

11) I heard that Grade 8s can take more than one fine art class. Is this true?

12) Are there other ways to take more fine arts courses?

13) I want to take some of my classes early through summer school, is that possible?