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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select your question from below.

1) For which field should I audition?

2) I am a music student, what do I need to do on audition day?

3) I understand that there is a string/band music stream but does piano qualify?

4) I have an interest in photography and/or sculpture. I was wondering if there is a program in Byng Arts to support these areas and how do I apply?

5) My greatest strength is piano. However, I have just joined the school band this year and am learning to play the clarinet. Which should I prepare for?

6) I want to be in drama. How many applicants are there for drama? Should I audition for it, even though I am stronger in music?

7) I would like to audition for more than one discipline. May I?

8) My real interest is visual arts, but my greater strength is in music. Would it be worthwhile to apply for two categories?

9) My strongest interest is in theatre. I currently dance and perform with a theatre group. My second area of interest would probably be in music although I don't currently play an instrument. Would I be able to take an instrument in grade 8?

10) I love to sing and dance, do you offer auditions in these areas?