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Frequently Asked Questions

6) What do you think the probability of an applicant making the short-list if they cannot demonstrate a history of art courses?

As long as you have above average standing in your academics, your chances are as good as any student who has taken formal courses. We look at a lot of other stuff, too! This applies for drama applicants as well. For music, however, you should have some music training. Read on!

In the essay portion of the online registration, address the issue that you wish to be considered for Byng Arts, even though you have no formal art courses. (Yes, the fine arts teachers do read every single one.) You may have had a borderline result during your audition, and what you write and how you write it may determine whether or not you will be offered a seat. So make sure you put forth your best effort. And, spelling counts! (Parents: we expect the student to complete this portion. We'd like the 'heart' of it to come from the student.)

During the visual art audition you are given a mini-lesson. Pay very close attention to the instructions as you will be told what matters in your assignment. Your openness to following instructions will allow you to have a good audition. As you are working, the instructors will come around and chat with you. This is another opportunity to let the art instructors know your intentions.

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