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Frequently Asked Questions

6) You make it sound so bad. Is it really?

Of course not! We're trying to make sure for you and for us. The Selection Committee offered you a position for Byng Arts because we thought you would fit into our program.

And now it's your turn to think hard about whether you should accept or not. We don't want you to make the wrong decision and disrupt your Grade 8 year. Our students have a wonderful time and the Byng Arts faculty want to share their love for the Fine Arts and enriched academics with equally minded students!

So give it your time and consideration. It won't be fun for you or for us if you miss your friends, you cannot handle the commute, or you find the course load too heavy!

Having said all of the above, keep in mind that one of the many characteristics of creative people is the willingness to take risks. (Safe ones! like going to a new school, not knowing anyone.) We just want you to be ready to commit to the decision that you make.

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