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2) I was very disappointed when I didn't get a 2nd round offer. I want to apply again next year. What can I do during the next year to improve my chances?

Yes, we do have to deal with disappointments and, for us, having to deliver news like this to students who are so hopeful also ranks high in the 'tough to take' category.

While we in Byng Arts like to think we are doing a good job, there are a lot of other schools doing a good job, too! Furthermore, you are in control of how well you do in school. You're the one in control of your attitude, time management and organizational skills and work habits.

As you made it to the audition phase, the most obvious areas to improve is to take fine arts courses next year at your school and apply yourself to developing your skills. Pay very close attention to what is being taught by your instructor. Learn all you can.

Furthermore, it helps a lot if you can pull your marks up and show us a string of G work habits! (One teacher tells her student that as you progress to post-secondary institutions success depends on 10% intelligence, 90% hard work and time management.)

One of our guest speakers, a motivational consultant and former gymnastics coach, said that he has coached athletes with modest talent and lots of heart who could easily beat out very talented athletes with poor work ethics.

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