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Frequently Asked Questions

3) But why are you putting so much emphasis on good marks in the academics? Aren't you looking for creative people in the fine arts?

There are some misconceptions we'd like to clear up.

Firstly, having great artistic potential means nothing if it is not backed up with action. Take that to mean good work habits to realize potential. We are looking for good work habits, too! The energy you put into your artistic endeavours is the same energy we want you to put into your academics. (That is, when people enjoy doing something, they call it 'play'. When people don't want to do something, they call it 'work'.) We'd like you to shift your attitude to call it all 'play'.

Secondly, everyone is creative and creativity can be expressed in art, music, drama, or in areas such as writing, science, mathematics, and so on.

Thirdly, if you wish to be the world's great artist, entertainer, or whatever, you've got to have the drive to reach your goals.

So, to answer your questions, we want both good work habits and creative potential.

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